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    I've recently received a Harrasment - First Warning via email, and am now being asked by the issuing Officer to supply my full details - DOB, Address etc. What information am I required, by law, to provide?

    The Officer has informed me he has a copy of the exchange of emails between my self and the complainant - can I ask for copies of the emails to satisfy myself they haven't been edited by the complainant?

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    I have never heard of anyone getting an E-mail message giving an harrasment warning, the issuing officer should have had all your info and paid you a visit and served a form on you , doing it by e-mail does not to me seem right. These sorts of things should be done face to face in my humble opinion. e-mail copies between you and the complainant ? well have you not kept your e-mails and replies then ?

    It may prove to be the process that force use for some reason ( Which force is it ?)

    you need to speak to the officer in person, dont simply reply to an e-mail.

    I am not a regular patrol officer ( I am on traffic so dont deal with these things from day to day) hense why i did not reply earlier
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    Default Harassment Warning

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Interesting what you say about the EMail notification - the first contact I had from the office was from a mobile phone. He asked for my personal details, DOB address etc. which I refused to give on the basis that I couldn't confirm he was a police officer.

    Its Thames Valley force. I plan to lodge a complaint with Chief Constable, and will raise the question of the mobile and email contact rather than face to face.

    Yes, I've kept copies of all the emails.

    Is it worth me checking if the mobile is a Police Authority issued mobile?

    I really appreciate your quick reply but do you know anyone on the forum who would have deeper knowledge of harassment warnings?

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    Harassment warning by email? Never heard of that. All these things should be done face to face in my experience. That's not to say there isn't provision for it, but as you have alluded to, how do you know who this person is? The email address can shed some light on the matter.

    What was the format of the email address after the @? The address should read something like

    The important bit there is the pnn. If it doesn't have that, it's not from the police. Please note that the text before the @ could be different from what I have written, I just put that in there as an example.

    Anyway, getting back to your questions, if you are suspected of an offence you are obliged to give your name and address. In terms of seeing the alleged email exchange between you and the complainant, not necessarily. As a general rule, most people suspected of committing an offence are interviewed under caution. If you have a solicitor, generally speaking evidence will be disclosed to them so they can advise you appropriately.

    I have outlined this in vague terms because there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes people just aren't interviewed, and on some occasions evidence is not disclosed to the solicitor.

    Harassment warnings hold no real weight in law as it's not a way of recording an offender. Even if you accept the warning, you won't have a criminal or police record from this. All that will happen is that a note will be made that you've been warned about it. It's really just what is says it is. It's a warning that future conduct amounting to harassment will lead to more serious consequences next time round.

    I'd make an appointment to see the officer in question at the station and ask to speak to a solicitor when you get there. They will arrange this for you if they plan to interview you. Ask to see the evidence and if it's not forthcoming, say you're not prepared to discuss it any further and leave. If you are not under arrest, you are free to leave at any time.

    I hope that helps in some way. Let us know how you get on.

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