Right I obtained this website address off the guys who work in my club they sit in the toilet with the aftershave or purfume and I have smelt a lot of it and they smell like the expensive designer stuff. I have got Jean Yves cosmetics Bondage which smells exactly like my genuine Jean paul Gartier I have at home except it cost me 3.00 with free delivery instead of 24.00. If you don't belive me you can drive to see me in Woking Surrey and I will be happy to prove it but at 3.00 you haven't got a lot to lose. There are hundreds of perfumes and aftershaves on this site and they are in catagorys i.e citrus, fresh, woody etc. I will be using this site from now on for the smelly stuff and I hope yopu lot will give it go cos trust me you won't go back to buying expensive stuff anymore once you do. By the way I didn't believe them untill I smelt it myself so if you don't believe me I won't take offence but please just order the same one I did to try and you will be plesently surprised.
http://www.worldclassfragrances.co.u...b2fc65c736ddd3 its on this page 7th one down